About Us

Our Goal

The goal is to create an Art Exhibit of Portraits of Local Las Vegas Authors. Each picture will capture the essence and genre of what the writer writes. Creating an existential experience for the art enthusiast. Las Vegas has more images of casinos, hotels, showgirls, and gambling. Now the world can see who’s behind the curtain of it all, the Authors who live in the Valley.

Our Story

World Renown Photographer, David de Hannay had a seedling in his mind. His favorite art was of famous people's portraits. With no subject in mind, he met Andres with his input they created Author Portraits.

David's American Picture

David de Hannay


Anthropologist. Visual artist. Film director. A poet who burned his poems. An artist who cared about freedom not his fame. A man who preferred death to slavery


Andres Fragoso


Andres Fragoso, Jr. is an incredibly versatile author who created literary compositions in various genres including poetry, flash fiction, and journalism.