1.     Project Background and Description

Sample Authors Portrait Cover

Authors Portraits LV is an Art Exhibition of local Las Vegas Authors, created by world renown Photographer, David de Hannay, and local Author, Andres Fragoso, Jr. In a combined effort will display Las Vegas Authors through Art Exhibits in Las Vegas, across the country, and around the world. Each Authors Portraits LV captures the genre, personality, and character of each author. They are thus creating an existential experience for the art enthusiast and literary aficionado.

Las Vegas has images of casinos, gambling, hotels, and showgirls. Now they can witness that there is more to Las Vegas, the Authors who make the Valley come to life.

1.     Art Exhibits, Las Vegas Authors Portraits LV Art Exhibit

The Art Exhibit will present the Authors Portraits LV of Las Vegas in Black and White, taking place at Location to be Determined.

  • Exhibits
    • Museums
    • Libraries
    • Different Venues
  • Exposure
    • Locally
    • Nationally
    • Internationally

2.     The Book, Authors Portraits LV of Las Vegas Book

The book, Las Vegas Authors Portraits LV, highlights the Las Vegas Authors who are in the Art Exhibit to give more information on where to find them online and the latest book they have published. Printed in random order. Each Author Page will have the following:

  • Pen Name
  • Genre
  • Social Media Links
  • 300-500 Word Biography
  • Last Published book
  • Website

3.     The Companion Book, Authors Portraits LV, and Literature of Las Vegas

The Companion Book, Authors Portraits LV and Literature of Las Vegas, anthology showcases the authors best literature in word in under 1,000 words. From Short Stories to Essays, From Poetry to Pose.

  • Pen Name
  • Mini Biography
  • Website
  • Short Story, Essay, Poetry, Prose, under 1,000 words.

4.     Participation, Qualifications, and Requirements

To Participate, Qualify, each author is Required to do the following:

  • Be a published author with a website (if you do not have a website, you may contact The Ghoster for services)
  • Be a member of the Las Vegas Writer’s Sidekick website
    • lv.writerssidekick.com
  • Sign up online with
    • Contact Information
    • Pen Name
    • Genre
    • Social Media Links
    • 300-500 Word Biography
    • Recent Published Book (not necessarily last)
    • Website/Blog
    • Upload a current image of self
  • Entry Fee
    • $65 for Non-Members of LVWS.
    • $45 for Members.
  • Be available for Photographer, David de Hannay, to take pictures of you, (other photographer’s work will not be permitted):
    • Portraits
    • Random images of daily life and genre
  • Last Book has a publishing date After January 2014 and before December of 2019
  • Sign an Author/Model Release Form
  • Must be a Nevada Resident, current or when the book was published
  • Submissions will be welcomed on any theme and in any genre
  • Short Story, Essay, Poetry, Prose, under 1,000 words.
    • Author retains all rights
    • It must be Print Ready (we will not proofread or edit, we will return the literature only once to be edited. If you cannot fulfill the editing, you will not be published. No Refunds. If you need editing, we can recommend someone.)
    • Formatting Guidelines
      • Manuscripts should follow the standard submission format:
      • 1-inch margins
      • Double spaced Times or Courier 12 point font
      • Cover page with the title of work, author name, and word count
      • Header with the title of work, author name, and page numbers
    • Submission Period
      • July 5, 2019, to August 15, 2019
    • How to submit
      • We will have 1st publishing rights
      • During the submission period only, upload through your Las Vegas Writer’s Sidekick membership.
      • Follow the submission guideless on the site
    • Selection Process
      • A panel of Judges will read all submissions and select those that will be included in the Authors Portraits LV and Literature of Las Vegas. Submit your best work
      • Due to limitations of book-length, submission does not guarantee publication. Selected authors will be notified by October 5, 2007.

5.     Deliverables

Each participating author receives the following:

  • Extensive Marketing
    • Highlighted locally, nationally, and internationally
    • Exhibited in various museums, libraries, and other venues
    • Promoted in multiple websites and social media
  • Take Home
    • An 11x14 Picture of you from Authors Portraits LV in Black &White for personal and professional use such as book events
    • Digital Copies in B&W and Color for use in your marketing
    • Copies of other pictures taken
  • The Book
    • You are the subject matter in the book Authors Portraits LV
    • One Copy of the book
    • 25% off Additional Copies
  • The Companion Book
    • Your Literature in the book Authors Portraits LV and Literature of Las Vegas
    • One Copy of the book
    • 25% off Additional Copies

6.     Time Table

Project will follow as close as possible the following Time Table with the time allotted for attendance and participation of Authors, Photographer, and Editor-in-Chief.

Activity Start Date End Date
Sing up for Portraits Aug 10, 2019 Aug 15, 2019
Photoshoot deadline Aug 20, 2019
Manuscript Deadline Oct 5, 2019
Pre-Order books with a discount Aug 1, 2019 Aug 20, 2019
Exhibits at Coffee Shops Sep 16, 2019 Oct 26, 2019
Copies of the Portraits book Sep 16, 2019 Oct 26, 2019
Copies of the Literary book Dec 1, 2019 Dec 31, 2019
Literature Readings at Coffee Shops Jan 15, 2020 Mar 15, 2020

7.     Terms and Conditions

By submitting work you agree to accept the following terms & conditions:

  • Your story stands alone
  • No fanfic must be original
  • Contains no pornography (eroticism is fine). The piece should focus on the story, not the sex
  • Contains no racism; excessive gore; or other obscenity
  • Is written in English
  • Has been edited and proofed. The only editing we will do will be minor proofing. It will be returned for one edit. If, in the opinion of the editors, the story requires further editing it will not be accepted
  • You assign us First Print and Electronic Rights for a period of three months from the date your work appears on our site. If your work is published elsewhere before it appears here you must advise us and withdraw your submission
  • After the three months, your work will remain accessible on our site. If you wish it removed from our site you need to advise us or by e-mail
  • The decision on whether to publish is made by our Editors and it is final.

8.     Formatting

We request that you format your story in the following way:

  • Send your submission as an attachment to an email
  • Include your name, email address, and date the story was written
  • use MS Word file or rtf (rich text file)
  • Use single spacing
  • For paragraphing do NOT indent but use double spacing.

Please Include the following information in the email for your submission

  • Your name/pen name
  • Email address for us to contact you
  • Number of words in submission
  • Short biography (25 words max)

By sending your submission, you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed above. You certify any enclosed biography to be true and accurate and authorize its publication.