8. Terms and Conditions


By submitting work you agree to accept the following terms & conditions:

  • Your story stands alone
  • No fanfic must be original
  • Contains no pornography (eroticism is fine). The piece should focus on the story, not the sex
  • Contains no racism; excessive gore; or other obscenity
  • Is written in English
  • Has been edited and proofed. The only editing we will do will be minor proofing. It will be returned for one edit. If, in the opinion of the editors, the story requires further editing it will not be accepted
  • You assign us First Print and Electronic Rights for a period of three months from the date your work appears on our site. If your work is published elsewhere before it appears here you must advise us and withdraw your submission
  • After the three months, your work will remain accessible on our site. If you wish it removed from our site you need to advise us or by e-mail
  • The decision on whether to publish is made by our Editors and it is final.